Im 41 but look same age as my 21-year-old daughter – her boy mates love me

A 41-year-old mum has revealed that she looks so young, she’s constantly mistaken for her 21-year-old daughter.

Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Craft says people often think her and her daughter Ariana, 21, are sisters.

She even says that Ariana’s boy mates often flirt with her.

Despite taking the mistake as a compliment now, the parent admits that it used to irk her.

Talking about the situation, Jennifer, who lives in the US, told Fabulous: “We have always been mistaken for sisters.

“When I was younger, this bothered me because I wanted people to know I was her mum.

“I joked with people telling them I wanted an ‘I’m the Mum’ button to wear.”

Jennifer said that Ariana was around three the first time someone mistook her for her sister.

“I was checking out at a store and Ariana called me ‘Mum’,” she said.

“The cashier looked visibly stunned and said, ‘Wow. I thought you were her sister or the babysitter.’

“I’ve never forgotten that conversation because it bothered me so much. I cried when I got in the car.”

Jennifer said she even ‘started wearing her grandmother’s clothes’ because she thought it would make her look older.

She says it wasn’t until her mid-30s that she made peace with it, and now that she’s in her 40s, she’s happy to be mistaken for Arian’s sister.

Jennifer says Ariana has ‘never been bothered’ by the assumption, though.

The mum says although she’s never been hit on while with Ariana, her daughter’s friends did make up a song about them.

She says this was a parody of the track ‘Stacy’s Mum’, with them changing the lyrics to ‘Ariana’s mum’.

Jennifer says that despite Ariana thinking it was “hilarious”, she was “mortified”.

When it comes to anti-aging secrets, Jennifer admits she “doesn’t really have many”, apart from staying out of the sun and taking care of her skin.

She also tries to eat a healthy diet and exercise, but says being a a kindergarten teacher probably helps keep her young too.

Jennifer’s comments come after mum and influencer Amber Lancaster, 41, from California, says she also often gets mistaken for being in her twenties.

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