Influencer slams teenage boys who brand her a whale for flaunting curves

An influencer has opened up about how she gets trolled by ‘teenage boys’ online after she was branded a “whale” for showing her curves.

Emily Bispo, also known as Bunny, is a body positive babe who is never shy about flaunting her natural body.

After overcoming insecurities about the way she looked, the influencer now spends her time preaching self-love messages to her 1.3million TikTok followers.

Although she receives a lot of praise from her inspired fans, Emily also has a number of trolls lurking within the comments.

The dark haired beauty has claimed that she even is trolled by ‘teenage boys’ for just being comfortable in her body.

In a clip that has racked up 848,000 views, Emily donned a sizzling hot red bikini set as she lounged in the beaming sun.

She wrote in the video: “POV: A teenage boy on the internet calls me a whale.”

Not letting the remark get to her, Emily sarcastically jibed: “Real original there big boy.”

Disgusted at the cruel comment targeted towards Emily, many people fled to support the babe – and some even related.

One person commented: “I know right, it’s sad how boys don’t realise women’s bodies aren’t supposed to always look like a 15 year old.”

Another user added: “No cause boys act like girls and women’s bodies are supposed to look like models ? Blame the parents to be honest.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Bro even models have rolls when they sit down. When I was a (UK) size six even I did.”

Someone else slammed: “All the boys who had a problem with my weight back in school are now married to women my size or bigger.”

Meanwhile, a fifth fan shared: “Boys in secondary used to moo and stomp when I walked past, I was a UK 12 which is a USA 10? Not even big.”

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