Inkas Armored 2021 Chevrolet Suburban Is Here For Your Protection

Attention politicians, military leaders and dictators everywhere: if you’re looking for a safer way to get around in your all-new 2021 Chevrolet Suburban, Inkas Armored has you covered with their new protection package. The Suburban has always been a favorite for armor and ballistics protection due to its enormous size, reliability and body on frame construction. Even though the new model went to independent rear suspension, none of that has changed, and Inkas is one of the first to offer an armored version of the new SUV.

The Inkas Armored 2021 Chevrolet Suburban gets a suite of upgrades to protect occupants in almost any situation. It’s rated as an CEN 1063 BR 6 class armored vehicle, according to Inkas. If you don’t speak armored vehicle, that means it can stop 7.62 assault rifle bullets typically used in an AK47, and up to two DM51 hand grenades. The armoring includes perimeter protection of the entire passenger cell, battery and ECM protection, bulletproof glass, reinforced door hinges, run-flat tires and beefed up suspension. Hopefully the 6.2 liter L87 V8 under the hood can provide the oomph it needs to get out of a sticky situation, should the armor not be enough.

Give Inkas Armored some more money, and they’ll supply you with PA system, upgraded wheels and brakes, sirens, lights and a fire suppression system. The armored SUV they’ve shown here is the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban High Country, so you’re getting a fairly luxurious product under all the armor. There’s even a partition in trunk, giving some more separation and protection between the passenger compartment and tailgate. And the outside looks rather stealthy in blacked out guise, but doesn’t shout that it’s an armored vehicle. If you really have a need for this level of protection, chances are you don’t want to stick out in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll have to reach out to Inkas Armored if you want to know a price for this rather extreme Suburban, as they aren’t putting it on their website. But we’re sure it’ll cost a hearty chunk more than the already expensive $77,095 starting price for a V8 High Country 2021 Chevrolet Suburban.

Photo by Inkas Armored

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