InnoGrit’s Inexpensive SSD Controller Enables 7 GBps Reads

InnoGrit has introduced its first controller designed for performance-mainstream SSDs that combine high performance and relatively low cost. The Rainier QX SSD controller is a cheaper version of the company’s flagship IG5236 ‘Rainier’ controller that still features a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface, fewer NAND channels, but supports ultra-high NAND interface speeds. As a result, drives based on the Rainier QX promise to provide performance on par with today’s best SSDs — up to 7 GB/s read speeds. 

InnoGrit’s IG5221 ‘RainierQX’ shares a lot of similarities with its bigger brother: it supports the NVMe 1.4 feature set, it is made using a 12 nm fabrication process and it probably has the same cores and same LDPC-based ECC algorithms. Unlike its bigger relative, the IG5221 ‘Rainier QX’ has only four NAND channels with 8 CE per channel, which greatly simplifies its internal architecture, shrinks die size, lowers power consumption (down to 2.5W peak), and reduces the cost.  

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