Innr Globe Lights Colour expand outdoors smart lighting range

(Pocket-lint) – Innr has expanded its range of outdoors smart lights with the Global Lights Colour, available now at £169 for three.

Like other innr lighting products, the spherical lights are Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings compatible. Thanks to Zigbee-compliance, you hook them up to a bridge – such as Innr’s own, an Alexa device or Hue Bridge – and they can then be set to one of over 16 millions colours.

The lights come in a pack of three as standard, or can be increased up to five globes in total through additional single packs (£44.99 each).

They can be hung from a tree, garden fence or even set on the ground (using an included spike) and are IP65 water and dustproof so can withstand normal weather conditions.

The light output on each bulb is 370W and they will last for an estimated 30,000 hours of use or longer.

Alexa and Google Assistant voice control can be used to switch them off or on, or assign colours. Smart lighting apps can be used too, although they are not compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Innr also has an Outdoor Flex Light in its range for 2022, priced at £59.99 for 2-metres, £99.99 for 4-metres.


Writing by Rik Henderson.

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