Inside Job Trailer Gives New Look at Gravity Falls Writer’s Netflix Animation

Netflix takes aim at shadow government conspiracy theories and lizard men in their new trailer for Inside Job by Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi.

The new trailer for Netflix’s latest animated comedy Inside Job takes aim at the shadow government and other prevalent conspiracy theories. Created by Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi, Inside Job takes the honor of being the first adult animated series produced entirely in-house by Netflix Animation, and is part of a broader deal that Takeuchi signed to develop new projects for the streaming giant. Put to series order in 2019, the first season of Inside Job is set to make its debut on October 22nd.

Featuring the vocal talents of Freaks and Geeks alumna Lizzy Caplan and screen-veteran Christian Slater, Takeuchi’s latest animated outing focusses on the workplace misadventures of a shadow government organization, Cognito Inc., which is tasked with keeping popular conspiracy theories tightly under wraps. Poking fun at everything from lizard people to moth-men and psychic mushrooms, Caplan plays Reagan Ridley, a socially awkward technological genius seeking to better the world in which she lives. Meanwhile, Slater stars as Reagan’s cantankerous unemployed father, who was once head of the very organization his daughter currently works for.

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With Netflix recently releasing a swathe of new trailers and series announcements as part of their inaugural TUDUM streaming event, audiences were also treated to a new trailer for their latest animated giggle fest. Introducing Caplan’s anti-social heroine, the trailer also hints at a potential conspiracy within a conspiracy, suggesting that someone or something other than Cognito Inc. is really in control. Check out the trailer below:

Over this past weekend, fans have been treated to all manner of first look goodies from Netflix, including new footage from the hotly anticipated Stranger Things season 4, Cowboy Bebop, and The Witcher season 2. However, Inside Job’s first trailer hints at a fresh new series guaranteed to tickle audiences’ funny bones among all these higher-profile projects. Sure to take pride of place alongside some of Netflix’s other popular adult animated outings like Big Mouth, it would seem that showrunner Takeuchi is on to a winner with her debut Netflix outing.

In a world where conspiracy theories seem to take on an entire life of their own and can span the globe at the speed of social media, it seemed inevitable that a show would eventually come along to parody them. From the looks of this first trailer, Takeuchi and her team have taken aim at some of the more prevalent, and ridiculous, conspiracies and are pulling no punches in the name of comedy. Eager fans can catch Inside Job’s first episodes when they hit screens later next month.

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