Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs Reach EOL, Farewell 14nm!

Intel announced to partners on Tuesday that the company would discontinue the company’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs, marking February 23, 2024, as the last shipment date for the two-year-old processor series. The 11th Gen Core Intel Rocket Lake-S processors were built on the 14nm process and will mark the end for all client CPUs within the core family using that node. Partners will have until August 25, 2023, to order the Rocket Lake-S CPUs from Intel before the company stops further orders.

Intel Will No Longer Produce 14nm CPUs For Client PCs As 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs Hit EOL Status

Additionally, Intel has decided to stop manufacturing the Xeon W-1300 processors due to sharing identical processor architecture. That said, the final date for shipments and orders will be the same for this chipset.

The Rocket Lake series debuted in 2021 and utilized the 14nm process established in 2014 by the company. The core architecture, Cypress Cove, was much different than the Ice Lake’s laptop CPUs that utilized the 10nm process. This decision by Intel caused the chipset to be limited to eight cores on the CPU die. The previous generation used a maximum of ten cores on its dies.

One reason for the company to continue to use the 14nm process was that the level of utilization in manufacturing was too vast for Intel to switch gears to another process. Intel’s Rocket Lake series was also advanced for its time by offering new artificial intelligence features such as Deep Learning Boost from Intel and support for Vector Neural Network Instructions.

Coffee Lake S CPUs are based on the company’s most advanced and refined 14nm++ process node to date.

Twenty-six processors were listed in the notification from Intel Corporation, which included the Intel Core i9-11900K, the flagship processor from the series, and the equal power of the Intel Xeon W-1390P but with features that were necessary for workstations and enterprises. Consisting of both box and tray versions, Intel has ended the life of Rocket Lake processors consisting of i5, i7, and i9 models and the workstation Xeon W models.

With two new generations of processors and newer technology to fit more process nodes onto chips, it makes sense for the company to retire an older technology that has been superseded by the last few years.

News Source: CRN

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