Intel adds twenty ARC Alchemist GPU PCI IDs to open-source Linux Mesa drivers

Website Phoronix revealed that twenty Intel ARC Alchemist SKUs were committed to the upcoming Linux Mesa graphics driver. All twenty of the PCI IDs shown have been labeled as DG2.

As many as twenty Intel ARC Alchemist GPU PCI Device IDs appear in the upcoming open-source Linux Mesa graphics driver update

Intel has not divulged a massive amount of details on their newest ARC Alchemist discrete graphics cards, especially during last week’s CES 2022 conference in Las Vegas. With this newest update to the next Linux Mesa driver, it is appearing that Intel is diligently working to make sure their newest GPU will be widely available on more than just Window’s operating system.

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Source: Phoronix

As with any company adding SKUs to a new driver, even when patenting new technology, not all IDs are typically used. This is done so that the company has an open ability to add or drop an upcoming variant once the full line releases. It is unclear what is being provided in the PCI IDs placed by Intel, so it could fall under speculation that the IDs could be desktop and mobile GPUs, industry-level graphics cards, or even engineering samples sent to developers to implement them into their own products.

As far as a release date for Intel’s newest discrete GPU line, Intel has recently updated information on the company’s website to reflect that the products have been pushed back. Originally, Intel ARC Alchemist was to be released during the first quarter of 2022. Now, Intel has avoided revealing a stable date upon release in 2022.

Intel states the company is currently delivering their ARC graphics cards to OEMs (specifically notebook OEMs) and has guaranteed that we will see the first ARC Alchemist-based devices during this first quarter. VideoCardz notes that the products to launch will include entry-level DG2-128EEU GPUs and that the premium DG2-512EU will arrive during the second quarter of 2022.

Source: Phoronix, VideoCardz

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