Intel Alder Lake-P and M Processor Power Limits Listed

With the arrival of the 12th Gen Intel Core processors codenamed Alder Lake, we expect to see lots of new technologies crammed into one package. Today, according to a Coreboot patch (via Coelacanth’s Dream), we see some first-hand information about different power states and Power Limit 4 (PL4) levels of the upcoming Alder Lake-M and Alder Lake-P designs.

Coreboot is an open-source solution designed to replace millions of proprietary BIOS implementations. The project aims to boot 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems on bare metal (aka the hardware) with minimal functionalities, making it a lightweight BIOS alternative. Today, the latest patch to this software project has brought us some information regarding Power Limit 4 (PL4) for Alder Lake P/M processors, which differs from the previous generation, Tiger Lake, that it is replacing.

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