Intel All Set To Give First Look at Arc Alchemist Discrete Gaming GPUs For Laptops on 30th March

Join us on March 30th at 8 A.M. pacific time to see Intel® Arc™ graphics take center stage and get a first look at our new discrete graphics for laptops.

We have already detailed the core architecture, specifications, and features of the Arc Alchemist lineup in our detailed roundup over here. As we know, the Intel Arc Alchemist lineup will feature two primary DG2 GPU SKUs, the big ‘SOC 1’ and the small ‘SOC 2’. SOC 1 will feature the DG2-512 configuration and will be utilized by the Arc A700 and Arc A500 series graphics solutions while the SOC 2 config that will utilize the DG2-128 SKU, will be utilized by the Arc A300 series.

Several Intel Arc A300 series GPUs have been leaked over time including the desktop Arc A380 and the mobility Arc A370M and Arc A350M. All three of these graphics solutions feature the SOC 2 ‘DG2-128’ SKU. The Arc A300 series as such will rock up to 8 Xe-Cores, 128 Execution Units, 1024 ALUs, a 128-bit (14 Gbps) memory solution, and a 6nm process node from TSMC. The DG2-128 SOC2 is likely going to roll out first for the laptop segment with the higher-end version rolling out in the next months.

Intel is also expected to further detail its Arc Alchemist graphics features at GDC 2022 with several keynotes scheduled for March 23rd and 24th. More on that here. Intel’s Raja Koduri stated that he wants to get a million Arc GPUs into PCs every year & the blue team is expecting an initial shipment of over 4 million units within 2022.

Intel Xe-HPG Based Discrete Alchemist GPU Configurations:

GPU Variant Graphics Card Variant GPU Die Execution Units Shading Units (Cores) Memory Capacity Memory Speed Memory Bus TGP
Xe-HPG 512EU ARC A780? Alchemist-512EU 512 EUs 4096 Up To 32/16 GB GDDR6 18 / 16 / 14 Gbps 256-bit ~225W (Desktops)
120-150W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 384EU ARC A580? Alchemist-512EU 384 EUs 3072 Up To 12 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 192-bit 150-200W (Desktops)
80-120W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 256EU ARC A550? Alchemist-512EU 256 EUs 2048 Up To 8 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 128-bit 60-80W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 128EU ARC A380? Alchemist-128EU 128 EUs 1024 Up To 6 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 96-bit ~75W (Desktops)
Xe-HPG 128EU ARC A350? Alchemist-128EU 128 EUs 1024 Up To 4 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 64-bit 35-50W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 96EU ARC A330? Alchemist-128EU 86 EUs 768 Up To 4 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 64-bit ~35W (Laptops)

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