Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750 Custom Graphics Cards From ASRock & GUNNIR Displayed

During yesterday’s Intel Innovation event, two major graphics card companies — ASRock and GUNNIR — revealed four custom-designed Arc A770 & Arc A750 cards. The revelation of custom designs from other manufacturers is great to see since all we have seen so far have been the Arc Limited Edition (IBC) designs.

Custom Intel Arc A770 & A750 Graphics Cards From ASRock & GUNNIR Shown Off At Innovation 2022

Between ASRock and GUNNIR, the latter company was the first to hint at their custom Arc A7 series GPU several months ago. Now, we see that the company designed a graphics card for the new Intel Arc A7 series that offers three cooling fans with a 2.2-slot cooler. The new graphics card will house two eight-pin power connectors to feed up to 300W of power to the board which hints at a factory overclocked design. The graphics card is encased in a metal shroud with a complete backplate.

GUNNIR A7X0 GPU. Image source: Cool3C.

Another graphics card from GUNNIR also offers a triple-fan aesthetic, but not much is known about the card. It could very likely be the Arc A750 custom design and it was pictured by Engadget during the event, which we have provided below.

Image of unknown GUNNIR Arc A7-based GPU at Intel Innovation 2022. Image source, Engadget, Jason R. Wilson, Wccftech.

ASRock displayed two new Intel Arc A7 GPUs from the company, the Arc A770 Phantom Gaming, and the Arc A750 Challenger. Between the two cards, one does carry the label of “OC,” giving overclocking enthusiasts an option from an Intel graphics card partner for insane speeds and performance above the standard offerings from Intel.

ASRock Intel Arc A7X0-based GPUs. Image source: Cool3C

ASRock keeps a similar power connector design, choosing to sport an eight-pin configuration, which will showcase non-reference choices with the Intel Arc GPU-based designs. Intel has implied that they allow a little room for flexibility with their partner’s designs, especially when talking about clock speeds and TGP.


While we do not know the current availability or drop date for the partner GPU designs, we do know that Intel confirmed the release date for the Intel Arc A770 on October 12, 2022. With most partners releasing designs based on the leading company, those cards will be expected to launch simultaneously with Intel. However, every date is subject to change, so we will need to wait until we get closer to release if the dates change.

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