Intel ARC Alchemist Graphics Cards To See Participation From Three Leading GPU AIBs

Raja Koduri, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) Group at Intel Corporation, was recently interviewed by the Chinese media regarding the upcoming ARC Alchemist lineupGPUs. Information about custom variants from AIBs such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, & MSI was not mentioned by most outlets outside of the Chinese media sources.

Intel ARC Alchemist To Be Offered In Custom Variants By ASUS, Gigabyte & MSI

Koduri revealed that the three companies are to be in development of custom Intel Arc Alchemist-powered GPUs. It is still unknown whether this is in reference to design launches or if this are to be custom options manufactured by the three companies.

AMD & MediaTek Rumored To Create Joint Venture

Currently there are OEM factories including ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and others that will launch Intel Arc discrete graphics cards, hoping to develop more business opportunities together in the discrete graphics technology and graphics card market.

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ASUS and MSI are reported to confirming that they are in talks with Intel about the Arc Alchemist project. GIGABYTE, however, has not completely divulged that they are humoring the possibility of working with Intel. ASUS has currently released a variant of the Iris Xe (DG1) architecture utilizing a “single-slot passive design,” which places them in collaboration with Intel Xe GPU structures. MSI has recently been meeting with Intel in regards to their DG2 GPU architectures. No word has come from MSI that they are agreeing to work with Intel, but with the reports from the Chinese media outlets that have floated around, it sounds like an agreement has been created between the two manufacturers.

Koduri stated during an interview with ASCII, one of the Japanese media channels, that “there should be differentiation among ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) when it comes to Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs,” reports VideoCardz. What this could mean is that we will see either complete customs utilizing the new Intel Arc Alchemist GPU designs or possibly pseudo-customized devices utilizing Intel’s referenced designs.

With the three manufacturers utilizing designs with Intel or AMD structured motherboards, as well as NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, there is speculation that, not only the three companies, as well as others, would want to collaborate with Intel with their new Arc Alchemist designs.

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