Intel Arc GPUs to Ship Without Cryptocurrency Mining Limitations

In a recent interview with Gadgets 360, Intel’s Senior Vice President Raja Koduri and Roger Chandler, an Intel Graphics Product Team member spoke about the upcoming Arc GPUs, due in early 2022. In the interview Chandler talked about Intel’s stance on cryptocurrency mining on its upcoming GPUs. It seems that Intel are following a path of no intervention, letting the market and buyers decide what they use their graphics card for. 

In the interview, Chandler said that “[…] As far as like software lockouts and things of that nature, we’re not designing this product or building any features at this point that specifically target miners. As far as actions we’re taking to avoid or lock them out, it’s a product that will be in the market and people will be able to buy it. It’s not a priority for us.” This signals a stance that’s similar to that of AMD, who hasn’t imposed any limitations on what workloads users can perform on their graphics cards. This is different to the artificial product segmentation that Nvidia elected to do with its Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) series of GPUs, alongside the introduction of the hashrate limitation the company imposed on its LHR (Lite Hash Rate) GeForce products. Both approaches have their own drawbacks, but it seems that Intel doesn’t think it’s its place to police what kind of workloads users get access to on their GPUs – which, depending on how performant and power efficient Intel GPUs are, could pique a miner’s interest in their ARC Alchemist products when they finally hit the market.

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