Intel LGA 1700 Socket Pictured, Cooler Installation Detailed

Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-S line-up of desktop processors is expected to make a debut in the very near future. To host these processors, we are about to see a major socket change in the form of the LGA 1700 socket, which got pictured today.

According to the Bilibili forums, and reported by VideoCardz, we have one of the first pictures of Intel’s LGA 1700 socket, codenamed 15R1, for upcoming Alder Lake-S processors. This new socket is taller than the previous LGA 1200 socket powering the current generation of Core processors codenamed Rocket Lake.

Intel has adjusted the height by adding an additional 2.5 mm, as the LGA 1700 socket has to make room for additional pins, resulting in a bigger design. It has markings noting “LGA-17XX/LGA-18XX”, which alludes to this socket being able to accommodate processors with 1700 and 1800 pins. The upcoming Alder Lake-S generation is supposed to utilize 1700 pins, while the next-next generation of processors codenamed Raptor Lake will use 1800 pins. It looks likely that this socket will work for two generations of processors.

Intel LGA1700 Socket

(Image credit: 热心市民描边怪 (Bilibili))

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