Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU’s 600W OAM Module Commands Liquid Cooling

New Intel documents shared via Komachi_Ensaka have emerged, providing more details on Intel’s upcoming “Ponte Vecchio” Xe-HPC graphics card in its Open Accelerator Module (OAM) presentation. As opposed to the PCIe form factor, the OAM is perfect for environments where scalability is a top priority.

Ponte Vecchio isn’t a small GPU by any means, even though it can fit in the palms of your hands. With over 100 billion transistors, Ponte Vecchio is comprised of up to 47 tiles (or chiplets — whatever you want to call them.) It holds 16 Xe HPC compute tiles, eight Rambo cache tiles, two Xe base tiles, 11 EMIB links, two Xe Link I/O tiles and eight HBM stacks. 

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