Intel Talks Xe 2 With LPG and HPG Variants

When Intel announced its Xe family of graphics processors in 2020, it introduced as many as four microarchitectures, which eventually translated into major delays, cancellation of Xe-HP datacenter GPUs and issues with drivers. The company now says it has learned its lesson; with its Xe 2 ‘Battlemage’ family it will offer fewer microarchitectures. Still, there will be Xe2-LPG and Xe2-HPG microarchitectures for different kinds of GPUs. 

“There is a Xe and there is a Xe 2 and in that Xe 2 generation there is a Xe-LPG and there is a HPG (…) and there a slight variations (…) which is our big learning,” said Tom Peterson, an Intel Fellow, in an interview with Hardwareluxx. “The idea was we needed to optimize for each segment and build separate chips and do separate verifications. And I think now the real learning is we would be better off concentrating our focus and really thinking of it like a really solidly, hard IP business.” 

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