Intel Tiger Lake: Benchmarks, Specs, Release Date and Pricing

Intel has finally pulled the veil off of the final specs of its 11th-Generation Tiger Lake processors after slowly trickling out details of the new chips for an entire year. The TIger Lake chips look to slow AMD’s advance with its impressive 7nm Ryzen 4000-series “Renoir” chips that have steadily gained traction over the last several months, but Intel is finally moving on to its 10nm SuperFin process that brings higher clock speeds and a big 20% boost to performance. Intel has also finally shared benchmarks that give us at least some idea of how its chips stack up against the Ryzen competition – Intel claims its quad-core models are faster than AMD’s eight-core Renoir chips, and that its integrated graphics have finally taken the lead.  

We recently had the chance to put those claims to the test with a validation platform that Intel provided, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from Tiger Lake in the future. We’ll cover out test results below.

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