Intel Unchains Beast Canyon NUC to Disrupt the SFF Market

After briefly teasing its NUC 11 Extreme (Beast Canyon) at Computex 2021, Intel has formally launched the new NUC kits. With the novelty that Beast Canyon now accepts the best graphics cards, it’s debatable whether it’s still considered a NUC or more like a small form factor (SFF) system now.

Beast Canyon, which succeeds Ghost Canyon, measures 357 x 189 x 120mm. It’s essentially an 8-liter case, a departure from the previous 5-liter enclosures. The extra space is there so that Beast Canyon can house discrete graphics cards with a maximum length of up to 308.4mm (12 inches). The NUC supplies one PCIe 4.0 x16 expansion slot, though while there’s enough headroom for a full-length graphics card, the NUC only sports a 650W 80Plus Gold ITX power supply.

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