Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank boasts 240 W

You rely on quite a few gadgets throughout the day: your earbuds take that call pro-level audio quality, and your smartwatch keeps you informed about—well—everything. But, to keep these gadgets charged while you’re out and about, you’ve got to pack multiple chargers. Or do you? Check out this blog post to see how the Intelli ScoutPro power bank keeps your gadgets charged anywhere you go.

Charge anything, anywhere—even your laptop—when you have the Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank. This compact power station provides 240 watts in a petit form factor. Thanks to its next-gen graphene batteries, it’s a 10-watt magnetic wireless charger, 5-watt smartwatch charger, 100-watt Type-C port, 60-watt Type-C port, and USB QC3.0 port in 1 device.

The creators of the Intelli ScoutPro aim to give users a compact solution for charging their gadgets on the go. Because, with all the gadgets you depend on to stay connected and productive throughout the day, you need to carry around quite a few chargers. But this compact power station combines all the chargers you need in 1 portable device. Let’s have a look at it.

Intellis ScoutPro in a video

Get high-powered charging anywhere

The Intelli ScoutPro’s 24,000 mAh battery relies on Graphene Battery Technology. According to the company, it’s actually the same tech used by Tesla. In fact, the batteries consist of carbon atoms bound in a honeycomb-like structure that’s only a single atomic layer thick. This allows the battery to provide improved electrical and thermal conductivity.

Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank
Intelli ScoutPro with gadgets

Recharge any of your devices with this tiny power bank

If you count on your Apple arsenal to get you through your workday, you’re going to love the Intelli ScoutPro. That’s because it has a MagSafe compatible charger and smartwatch charger. So it supports wireless charging for any Qi-enabled smartphone as well as AirPods and Apple’s watches. You also get 3 integrated power ports. Altogether, you can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously with this compact power station. Best of all, with up to 200 watts of instant power delivery, the charges are also fast.

Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank
Intelli ScoutPro in use

Keep your devices charged during travel

Travel is another instance when your tech can fail. Because if you’re catching up on your shows during an 11-hour flight, you really have the potential to drain your batteries. Luckily, the Intelli ScoutPro falls under most airline’s limits of 100 Wh for safe battery capacity. That way, you can take those YOLO trips with plenty of power and free of worry.

Charge your MacBook Pro with the Intelli ScoutPro

If you use your MacBook for on-the-go work, you need quick access to reliable power. And the Intelli ScoutPro provides it. According to the company, this charger was created for MacBook users. It provides up to 200 watts of power delivery, making your power worries obsolete. In fact, the Intelli ScoutPro can even double your battery life.

Power any laptop or Chromebook

But this compact power station isn’t all about Apple devices. Its 60-watt and 100-watt PD ports allow it to charge pretty much any laptop on the market. So that’s right; your Windows and Chromebook PCs are both fair game here. This feature also lets you give power to a non-Apple-using friend in need. Just add on the company’s universal laptop adapter to your device, and you’ll be able to charge anything while you’re out.

Give your iPad and tablet a fast charge

Tablets seem to run out of battery so quickly, especially when your movie is nearly over. Thankfully, the Intelli ScoutPro’s high-powered ports get any tablet charging at high speed. It can bring you tablet to 33% in 30 minutes and all the way up to a full charge in 90 minutes. This keeps your entertainment and work going strong.

Enjoy fast charging for any smartphone

Likewise, this compact power station gives your smartphone quick power. With its intelligent chip design, it recharges an iPhone at max speed and provides up to seven full charges. It also powers Android phones. The Intelli ScoutPro supports Huawei SuperCharge, Oppo & Oneplus 22.5 W charging, OPPO 40 W charging, and Samsung fast charging for S21/S21+ & Note 20.

Take advantage of universal wireless charging

And, of course, this tiny power station doesn’t stop at wired charging. Its built-in MagSafe compatible wireless charger and separate Apple Watch charger make this gadget a complete power station. In fact, the wireless charger powers any phone up to 15W that’s compatible with wireless charging and even AirPods.

Also, you’ll love the integrated magnets that work beautifully with your iPhone 12. Meanwhile, the built-in Apple Watch charger lets you recharge at full speed. What’s more, the intelli ScoutPro can even charge both an iPhone 12 Max and an Apple Watch at the same time.

Plug in anytime

The way you work and play is changing. While your schedule is becoming more flexible than ever, you also need to be able to plug in at a moment’s notice. This compact power station makes it easier to have your indispensable gadgets always at the ready for you. It even makes a great backup power solution if you forgot to charge your phone or laptop overnight.

Charge this petit power station quickly

While the Intelli ScoutPro charges your devices at max speed, this power station also, itself, recharges quickly. When you pair it with Intelli’s 100 W GaN charger, you can fully charge the Intelli ScoutPro in just 120 minutes. Otherwise, charge this compact power station with your existing USB-C laptop or tablet charger. So you won’t have to wait half a day or all night for this useful gadget to be up and running again.

The Intelli ScoutPro is an impressive tech gadget. It charges just about anything in a form factor roughly the size of an iPhone 12. So you can also take it anywhere. If you work from home or are a busy student, this compact power station helps you keep your devices charged and ready. Best of all, it does all of that quickly and 5 gadgets at a time. If you want a way to optimize your on-the-go work, this is the gadget for you.

The Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank typically costs $349. You can preorder it for $139 on Indiegogo. What other sorts of portable work gadgets have you come across? Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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