Intel’s Secret Costa Rica Facility is a Monument to Security Research

An undisclosed location in Costa Rica houses one of Intel’s many research facilities – although this one is slightly different from the norm. Rather than focussing on leading-edge development, the Costa Rica facility handles the long tail of deprecated hardware that Intel has accumulated over the years. The warehouse currently houses around 3,000 different hardware and software pieces that Intel has produced at any point in time throughout its history, and it serves a very specific purpose: security research.

While for an average consumer, a product’s lifecycle typically ends with it being replaced with the latest and greatest (whatever that means for a particular user), Intel has to think of all the consumers that don’t keep up with the blisteringly fast pace of the semiconductor industry. As product support drops off, however, older hardware becomes more and more vulnerable to advances in cybersecurity research – and new exploits of previously unknown vulnerabilities.

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