Intel’s Upcoming DG2 Rumored to Compete With RTX 3070

According to Moore’s Law Is Dead, Intel’s successor to the DG1, the DG2, could be arriving sometime later this year with significantly more firepower than Intel’s current DG1 graphics card. Of course it will be faster — that much is a given — but the latest rumors have it that the DG2 could perform similarly to an RTX 3070 from Nvidia. Could it end up as one of the best graphics cards? Never say never, but yeah, big scoops of salt are in order. Let’s get to the details.

Supposedly, this new Xe graphics card will be built using TSMC’s N6 6nm node, and will be manufactured purely on TSMC silicon. This isn’t surprising as Intel is planning to use TSMC silicon in some of its Meteor Lake CPUs in the future. But we do wonder if a DG2 successor based on Intel silicon could arrive later down the road.

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