Introducing 2022’s 5 biggest home trends including chaotic Cluttercore

Since the pandemic hit, most of us are spending more time at home than ever which has changed the way we view our interiors.

Rather than somewhere we return to, for many people their home has become the centre of their world.

This is why we are keen to tailor our personal sanctuaries precisely to our tastes and create a space we look forward to spending time in.

This year, interior trends are set to take an unexpected turn with minimalism being ditched in favour of homes that reflect us as individuals.

Using Google search data, Sylvia James at HomeHow has curated a list of the trends inspiring us as we move through 2022.


Cluttercore is all about embracing mess and chaos and has been described as the opposite of minimalist Scandi-chic.

Its maximalist aesthetic encourages you to mish-mash together the items you already own making your space full of mismatched but meaningful objects.

Forget Marie Kondo’s advice, this look operates on a “more is more” ethos and has already racked up has over 33 million views on TikTok.

Rare indoor plants

The humble houseplant has had a 2022 upgrade and rarer investment indoor plants are tipped to be popular this year.

The Albo Swiss Cheese plant can cost anywhere up to £500 due to its unusual leaf marking and scarcity.

The leaves need to be misted and the plant watered once a week to keep it in beautiful top condition.

Biophilic designs

Biophilic design is all about bringing nature into your home and immersing yourself in the outdoor world indoors.

Especially if you are working from home, letting nature inspire your interior can create the ultimate tranquil setting – think macrame, braided rugs, potted plants, botanical colours and natural scents.

Scientific studies show it can drastically improve our mental health and productivity. Plus, green infrastructure is great for the environment.

Hand-printed wallpaper

The walls of the home are evolving into galleries as many use them to add individuality with hand-printed clashing wallpapers.

The search term wallpaper has received a 171.18% uplift in searches as more people are decorating their homes.

However, beware these can be tricky to do yourself, so experts suggest hiring the help of a professional to make the most of your print.

Statement lighting

Great lighting can make a room feel bigger and brighter which is why having a statement light can work wonders.

Think a bold floor lamp with an exposed filament lightbulb which will prove a focal part of any room.

2022 is about reflecting your personality rather than worrying if visitors will approve of your taste.

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