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Apple had planned to launch the iPhone 14 series sometime around early September. However, there have been some significant delays with procuring some of the elements that go into the making of the iPhone 14. These delays, however, will not impact the launch of the devices.

iPhone 14 Max & Pro Max production falls far behind schedule, but Apple still on track for early fall launch

Apple, like most smartphone manufacturers, has had some issues with procuring parts that go into the making of their displays. While the display most of the panels have been readily available, some of the generic panels, the casing and all protective elements that go in front of the panel have been in short supply.

This short supply has had an effect on the production of iPhones with larger screens, the iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max to be specific. 

Apple had allocated most of its supply to the higher-priced iPhone 14 Pro Max so there is a good number of units that are available with Apple. This gives Apple to eke out a nice profit when the devices become available for sale.

The iPhone 14 Max on the other hand, is not in such good shape. The device has been adversely affected by the delayed shipping of display parts. If recent reports and leaks are anything to go by, the iPhone 14 Max’s production cycles have been delayed so much that it might not be available for sale right after the launch as Apple had hoped for.

Apple has already begun to test production of the iPhone 14 and plans to mass-produce it in August, right before the launch event.

One of the main reasons why the iPhone 14 Pro Max has had a better production run, is that it uses a higher grade of display panels, the ones that support Apple’s ProMotion. The iPhone 14 Max does not have that feature and hence has to use regular generic displays, which have been in short supply.

All in all, there is a good chance that when Apple launches the devices this fall, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be readily available and will be made available for sale. The iPhone 14 Max, however, will be available in short supply at the time of launch. Or, there is the possibility that it will be made available to users a couple of months after the launch.

The iPhone 14 Max is expected to be a very popular smartphone with consumers once it launches and will also occupy a special place in the iPhone timeline as it marks the first time that Apple has offered a 6.7-inch iPhone that doesn’t come with Pro features and indeed price tag.

With that being said, the launch of all four devices will take place in September at their fall event, as Apple will be pulling out all the stops to ensure the whole iPhone 14 family launches together.

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