Irontide all-terrain adventure shorts have an IPX8-certified 100% waterproof pocket » Gadget Flow

Stop letting your clothing choice affect how spontaneous you can be. Instead, wear the Irontide all-terrain adventure shorts, which have a 100% waterproof, IPX8-certified zipper pocket. Designed for adventurers, it keeps your important items safe and dry while you’re busy exploring nature. In fact, it keeps whatever’s in your pocket totally dry even when you go as deep as 100 feet. Never worry again about getting your smartphone wet when you go for a swim! But that’s not all: these shorts also have a tactical pocket for your knife, a D loop for your keyring, and a water drainage system to keep you dry on land. You’ll love the 4-way stretch fabric that also controls odors, dries quickly, and wicks moisture. Plus, the fabric even offers UPF 40+ protection and high durability. These are shorts you’ll never want to take off.

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