It’s the biggest surveillance scandal of our times, check your iPhone for the Pegasus hack

It's the biggest surveillance scandal of our times, check if your iPhone has been affected by Pegasu

If 10 prime ministers, 3 presidents, and a king,” begins one tweet about the surveillance scandal, aren’t safe from the Israeli spyware that was only supposed to be used by law enforcement, what’s left for a member of the general public who is someone’s enemy, right? 

How to check if you have the Pegasus spyware installed on your iPhone

Why the iPhone? Well, the ability of the tool to detect the spyware on Android is somewhat limited, Amnesty International admits, and you can only check for compromised app installations or text messages and such. Here’s what you need to do to probe your iPhone for Pegasus software remnants:
As you can see, the operation for finding if your iPhone has been Pegasus-compromised isn’t very easy, but then again the NSO Group’s software is pretty sneaky and powerful. Still, if you follow the Amnesty International’s guidelines you should be able to get a pretty good overview of the state of your iPhone’s security and privacy nonetheless.

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