Jamie Chung Hints True-Crime Podcast Danger In Dexter Revival

Dexter Revival star, Jamie Chung, teases her character Molly Park, and how her true-crime podcast will be another potential danger for Dexter.

Jamie Chung says that her character in the Dexter revival runs a true-crime podcast, which will pose a threat for Dexter. Chung started working in entertainment in 2004 on The Real World: San Diego, although her career would prove to be much bigger than reality television. She would go on to act in big Hollywood pictures, as well as independent features. She’s most known for her roles in Grown UpsSorority RowThe Hangover Part IISucker Punch, and Big Hero 6.

Showtime made a phenomenon out of its series Dexter in 2006, which follows Dexter Morgan, who lives a double life working for the Miami Metro Police Department by day, while being a serial killer targeting murderers by night. The show would go on to run until 2013. After working on the first 4 seasons of the series, showrunner Clyde Phillips parted ways with the show. The series continued for another 4 seasons, although audiences were angry with the way that things ended. Showtime announced that Dexter would be making a comeback for a 10-episode series with Phillips returning as the showrunner and Michael C. Hall coming back to play the title role.

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In an interview with THR, Chung expressed her excitement in being a part of the Dexter revival. She mentioned that starring in the Showtime series has been her dream, which is now becoming a reality. Chung reassured that Phillips has a very specific vision that he will not compromise on. Furthermore, she talked about her character, Molly Park, who is a famous true-crime podcaster, which will be a real danger for Dexter. Read below for Chung’s full comment:

(Laughs.) Yeah, in essence, it’s exactly what Dexter fans want. The character of Molly Park is so fun and vibrant. And true-crime podcasting is a fairly new medium in terms of true crime, and introducing that into Dexter’s world is another threat to revealing his identity. So it’s been really fun. (Laughs.) Really fun.

dexter revival teaser

Most recently, Chung has continued lending her voice for Big Hero 6 in the form of the TV series. She also starred in Lovecraft Country as Ji-Ah, where she delivered a particularly exceptional performance. Chung was also announced as being part of Zack Snyder’s Norse-inspired series, Twilight of the Gods, as Hel. Molly will be a different role for Chung, but it’ll be exciting to see what she does with it.

Dexter started to go downhill after its legendary fourth season, which is famously known as the season with the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). It was recently announced that Lithgow will be returning for the revival series, but little is known regarding how he will return. Having Phillips back as the showrunner is perhaps the biggest piece of reassuring news for the Showtime series. However, having the killer cast that the show has announced thus far is certainly nice to see.

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Source: THR

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