Jason Todd’s Red Hood Evolution in Titans Season 3 is Frightening, Says Writer

Jason Todd will begin his transformation into the Red Hood in Titans season 3 – an arc one of the show’s writers has called “frightening.”

According to one of the show’s writers, the transformation of Jason Todd into the Red Hood in Titans season 3 will be scary to watch. After premiering its first two seasons on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming platform, the show is gearing up to kick off its third season on HBO Max on August 12. Titans stars Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Conor Leslie, Chelsea Zhang, Joshua Orpin, and Curran Walters as Jason Todd.

Ever since Walters’ Jason Todd was first introduced on Titans, fans have been speculating about how the show will turn him into the violent Red Hood vigilante. In the comics, that transformation occurs after Todd is captured and presumably killed by the Joker, only to reemerge angry and battle-hardened. Many assumed that plan would have to be changed in Titans given the absence of the Joker. Still, the season 3 trailer teased the Clown Prince of Crime’s return, reopening the possibility of a similar Red Hood origin story.

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However, Jason Todd becomes Red Hood in Titans season 3, and it will apparently be a grim thing to watch. After being asked on Twitter to describe Todd’s season 3 transformation in one word, writer Prathiksha Srinivasan called it “terrifying.” As one of the darkest and most famous modern Batman character arcs, it makes sense that the Red Hood’s rise would be handled accordingly in a show as dark as Titans.

Part of the inherent terror of Todd’s transformation may be the Joker himself. Titans season 3 features Gotham City as its primary location, with Dick Grayson and the rest of the crew traveling back to the home of the Dark Knight. That means there’s even more potential than before to pull in classic Batman characters and storylines, the biggest of which would be the Joker. But with Red Hood confirmed for season 3 and no Joker yet announced, it’s unclear if that will happen.

Alternatively, Titans could devise a new, altered arc for Jason Todd to become the Red Hood. The show certainly doesn’t lack tragic backstories or traumatic experiences to fuel its characters’ origins. However, many other classic DC characters could play into Red Hood’s creation besides Joker. Scarecrow has been confirmed as one of season 3’s main villains, and it’s possible that he could fill in the Joker role this time around. Until Red Hood makes his debut on the show, we won’t know for sure. Titans season 3 premieres on HBO Max on August 12.

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Source: Prathiksha Srinivasan / Simeone Miller

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