Jeep EV Coming In 2023, Dodge Hybrid SUV Coming Next Year

If you have been remotely plugged in to high-level automotive news in the past year, you have observed that the industry is moving towards electrification, and it’s moving fast. And while some large automakers are more tight-lipped about their plans than others, Stellantis recently pulled back the curtain on its far-reaching electrification brands for all of its brands. Even enthusiast brands such as Jeep and Dodge are not immune to the (policy driven) industry shift. And new reports shed light on plans for Dodge to offer up at least a hybrid SUV as early as next year, and Jeep will follow up with an EV by 2023.

Image Via Stellantis.

2023 Jeep EV SUV On Deck

Jeep has already released the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, to much fanfare and they have already sold out of all available models until 2022. Jeep forecasts 70% of its sales will be electrified by 2025, including hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles, with confirmation of the WL Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe arriving later this year. The Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are also expected to be electrified at some point, and by 2023, Jeep’s first production EV will be in showrooms.

The vehicle was likely teased as the Jeep Wrangler Magneto Concept that debuted earlier this year during the 2021 Moab Easter Safari; a full-on battery electric JL Wrangler complete with a manual transmission.

Globally, the Jeep brand has a plug-in hybrid model of the Compass and Renegade available in Europe, and China with a plug-in Commander SUV.

2024 Dodge Charger EV Electric Vehicle STLA Large Platform Family

Dodge Hybrid SUV And Electric Performance

Stellantis has already teased an electric Dodge SUV, along with a 2024 Charger EV in its recent presentation last month, which will be powered by the STLA Large battery electric vehicle platform. However, a second SUV is expected to debut from the American performance brand as early as 2022, as a 2023 model year vehicle. Previous reports have indicated that this Dodge hybrid SUV would be based on the Alfa Romeo Tonale, and would be called the Hornet. As for what the all-electric Dodge SUV would be called, we suppose that’s still a mystery. Dodge stopped being shy about embracing electrification for some time now, so how it will play out for the brand as it has served as a safe harbor for V8 performance enthusiasts remains to be seen.

The confirmation of a hybrid Dodge SUV by 2022 and a Jeep EV by 2023 builds on what’s already been officially announced. Tune in to MC&T to make sure you don’t miss a beat on this sweeping electrification transition for Dodge, Jeep, Ram and even Chrysler.

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