Jeep Is Taking Steps To Make The Brand Even More Premium

Jeep is looking to reposition the brand and make it more premium. The brand already has some pretty fancy vehicles in its lineup, but there’s nothing stopping them from becoming more premium. We’ve seen a great example of this with the new Wagoneer, which has arrived without a traditional Jeep badge. Of course, this was all part of the plan as Jeep wants it and the Grand Wagoneer to fill a new premium space.

Jeep Brand Seeks A More Premium Route

According to CarExpert in Australia, the decision to be fancier has resulted in removing entry-level trims, making the nearly $40,000 AUD Compass ($29,000 USD) the entry-level model. The renegade was discontinued by Jeep Australia back in 2020, and the company is working to improve the dealership experience there. They want it to be more inviting and have also been working to improve the dealerships’ online presence.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Luxury SUV
Image copyright Mattheus Pach, Muscle Cars & Trucks

This ambition has to start where the customer makes contact. As such, Jeep has made similar strides in the US over the past couple of years, pushing for standalone Jeep dealerships or dedicated Jeep showrooms, per Automotive News. In recent months the brand has been pushing for dealers to build standalone showrooms, which are meant to draw in customers. In addition to the push toward new premium and luxury spaces, Jeep Brand is also on the road towards electrification. The transition isn’t a cheap one, and with customers buying crossovers and SUVs, pushing the prices upward along with the dealership experiences could be a wise play.

The future is uncertain; no one knows what’s to come as companies continue to make strides towards electrification. We are at a turning point in the industry, and Jeep is taking that as its chance to transform the company into something grander. Customers are flocking to its vehicles, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are loyal to the brand. Improving the customer experience both at the dealerships, online, and within the vehicle will undoubtedly build up the relationship.

Image copyright Mattheus Pach, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

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