Jeep Order Tracker Now Online To Track Status Of Your New Vehicle

Delayed deliveries are a seeming norm these days, especially given production woes like the chip shortage and the ongoing war in Ukraine. That doesn’t mean a company, like Jeep, can’t give you tools to track your purchase in an effort to settle your anxiety as you wait for your new ride. Jeep now offers order tracking if you have a current order in queue.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe
Photo via Jeep

You can view view the Jeep vehicle tracker here. You can’t go checking other peoples deliveries out or see anything else but your own Jeep’s progress. That being said, when you input your last name and a vehicle order number (VON) you are presented with a status bar showing you how far along your Jeep has come since placing an order. Below that the order status page displays the date your order was confirmed, when it is scheduled for production, when it’s in production, completion date, as well as shipping and delivery dates. It’s not unlike tracking a package from your logistics company of choice.

Jeep Order Tracker


Based on commenters on a JeepGladiatorForum thread, accuracy of the Jeep order tracker isn’t 100% on point but overall it’s a good working tool. There weren’t any major differences between what a dealer told versus what the status bar indicated. If you don’t know your vehicle order number, you can ask for it from your dealer.

The Jeep tracker isn’t exclusive to any Jeep model. However, someone who ordered a Wrangler, we know who you are, specifically a 4xe model may be extra anxious to take delivery of their new gas sipping Jeep as the national average price for gas continues to soar, AAA reports prices above $4.50 at the time of this writing. The Wrangler 4xe is capable of 370 total miles of range before needing a fillup, 21 of those could be fully electric. While some manufacturers have left some customers wondering when they will receive their new vehicle, Jeep looks to be doing the right thing by providing a little better transparency than its competitors.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve L
Image via Jeep.

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