Jeep Performance Parts Introduces Gorilla Glass And Sunrider Flip Top

You might recall about a month ago when MC&T covered Jeep’s rollout for ordering Gorilla Glass windshield options. The move gave wary Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator owners a way to combat the frequent chips, cracks and fractures that seem to plague the factory windshields. Just this week, at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show, Jeep made it even easier for customers to solve their windshield woes by allowing them to order Gorilla Glass windshields directly from Mopar dealers. On top of that, Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) has introduced a new flip-back, fabric Sunrider Flip Top for hardtop Wrangler and Gladiator models.

The JPP Sunrider Flip Top

The Sunrider Flip Top is made from durable, ultra-premium black twill fabric and easily protects Wrangler and Gladiators occupants from the elements. The Flip Top also provides an excellent open-air driving experience perfect for a summer adventure. Jim Morrison, the Vice President of Jeep Brand North America said, “With this innovative new feature, our passionate owners will have yet another way to enhance their open-air experience.” The Sunrider Flip Top is currently available for the latest generation Jeep Wrangler JL, both two and four-door models, as well as the Jeep Gladiator JT. The JPP Sunrider Flip Top accessory costs $895.

Gorilla Glass Will Ease Your Worries

Recently introduced at Easter Jeep Safari, the Jeep Wrangler Orange Peelz concept came sporting the Gorilla Glass windshield. Gorilla Glass windshield replacements from JPP are new for the Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT, but Wrangler JK customers have been able to upgrade their glass since 2018. The Gorilla Glass windshields are constructed using the same chemical-strengthening technology found in smartphone screens and are actually thinner than the standard Jeep windshields. The Gorilla Glass windshields earn their durability and increased resistance due to the outer ply laminate layer being 52% thicker than the inner laminate layer.

Jeep Wrangler Gladiator Corning Gorilla Glass Windshield Upgrade

Jeep says it expects 80% of its orders to utilize the Gorilla Glass option for both Wrangler and Gladiator models. Now that Jeep customers can retrofit their vehicles quickly and conveniently through their local Mopar dealer, off-road enthusiasts should be able to take their Wranglers and Gladiators through rough, rocky terrain without worry of their windshield not being up to the task. Easing that worry in the form of the JPP Gorilla Glass windshield costs $793 and is backed with a two-year limited/unlimited-mile warranty.

More windshield options are coming later this summer to fit vehicles with a forward-facing camera, a camera-surround heater and/or an embedded antenna. You can find the full Mopar’s full Jeep Performance Parts catalogue of 500 quality-tested, factory-backed parts and accessories here.

The 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon will be getting 35-inch tires to combat the efforts of the Ford Bronco.
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