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JetASAP Launches First-Ever, Free, Self-Service Charter Booking App

Presented by JetASAP – Though there are many choices when it comes to flying privately, including memberships, jet cards and online and offline commission-based services, flyers looking to directly source and book private jet travel have had no free alternative that aggregates live charter options on demand.  However, that recently changed when JetASAP announced the launch of the first-ever self-service charter booking app for Apple iOS, with Android coming soon.  


From over 700 operators

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From the live quotes

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Unlike other digital platforms that provide immediate trip estimates, JetASAP has taken a different approach and built a service that sends each charter request directly to over 700 charter operators, who typically respond with live bookable quotes within minutes.  More importantly, because the service is completely transparent, flyers immediately know the details of each operator submitting a quote and can even contact them directly on-demand via the app’s built-in chat feature.  To help keep flyers safe, JetASAP has integrated safety rating information via direct automated connections to both ARGUS and Wyvern, the industry’s two primary safety auditing companies.  Flyers are able to evaluate each quote, as well as the operator that provided it, and then book directly in the app when ready.  JetASAP has integrated a digital signature platform that allows flyers to view and sign charter operator contracts right in the app, or on their computer if they prefer.  Either way, all trip details, including passenger information, itineraries and changes are handled right through the app to keep everything easily accessible.

Though the service provides tremendous value by offering flyers complete control over the entire booking process, the best feature by far is the price.  JetASAP is completely free for flyers to use, with no membership fees, commissions or other charges of any kind.  Combined with its powerful ability to directly connect flyers with operators with nobody in the middle, JetASAP is the only private jet travel app you’ll ever need.

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