Just How Big Is The Pickup Truck Accessories Market?

SEMA is the world’s biggest car and trade show. Naturally, the association has produced a new report, weeks after the show, that sheds a comprehensive view of the pickup truck accessories aftermarket. It’s no secret that pickup trucks are a hot topic right now, and in high demand. You might be surprised to know that the aftermarket has a wealth of opportunity in front of it as a result, but maybe you’re not surprised at all. The report details the business of the pickup truck aftermarket in length.

American Expedition Vehicles Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison AEV
Image via American Expedition Vehicles

For starters, the actual report is a whopping 158 pages long. Some highlights of the report include; there are more than 29-million late model pickups (2010 and up) on the road and approximately half of them are modified in some kind of way with 84% of that group already planning to make additional modifications sooner than later.The report also shares that 62% of late-model pickup accessorizers buy off-road-focused parts for their trucks.

GFC Camper For Ford Maverick

SEMA Director of Market Research Gavin Knapp, says that the truck market is strong and will become a priority in terms of production going forward. According to SEMA market research, specialty equipment sales for passenger vehicles reached $50 Billion in 2021. The largest individual portion of that came from the pickup category which yielded $16 Billion alone.

Aftermarket pickup truck (SEMA)
F-150 Limited Hybrid SuperCrew by BDS Suspension. Image Via Ford.

The report also shares that most pickup owners view their vehicle as a utility vehicle and use them mostly for road trips with some of the most common modifications being for pulling a trailer or hauling gear. In terms of what brand of truck is chosen more than others to accessorize, both GM (Silverado and Sierra) as well as Ford (F-series) sit at the top of the list with projected specialty equipment sales over $6 million each. One keen observation the report makes is that truck owners are also more likely to stick to a brand they trust. They prioritize ruggedness over price, because a truck is supposed to be tough and able.


AEV Prospector XL
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