KeySmart Tactiv WP09 Bolt Action Pen writes under water and has a rifle-inspired design » Gadget Flow

Write even in extreme conditions with the KeySmart Tactiv WP09 Bolt Action Pen. This writing accessory is 100% waterproof thanks to its Rite in the Rain waterproof ink. It can even write underwater and in extreme temperatures from -30–250°F.  So if you need to write in the field, this is the pen for you. Also, the Bolt Action Trigger is similar to loading a riffle. Simply push, turn, and release the clip to reveal the pen point. In fact, the pocket clip is designed like a bipod, and the grip is similar to the gun barrel and handguard. What’s more, the premium aluminum housing features aircraft-grade aluminum, a copper ink cartridge, and a stainless steel pocket clip, making this one premium pen. Impressively, this rugged pen also writes upside down and is easy to disassemble and clean. Finally, the strong grip makes this pen a joy to write with.

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