KFC launching a limited edition burger in time for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

It’s safe to say that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is going to be epic.

In honour of HRH Brits will be celebrating in style.

With a four day weekend, a predicted heatwave and local street parties we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

As well as this to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years of service to old Blighty, KFC has launched a high and mighty limited edition Coronation Chicken Tower Burger.

Carefully crafted by everyone’s favourite fried chicken experts, this royal offering consists of that beloved Original Recipe 100% chicken breast fillet, cheese and lettuce, crowned with a hash brown, a generous dollop of creamy coronation mayo and packed into a toasted sesame seed bun.

Find out everything you need to know about the Platinum Jubilee by clicking here

And even more good news, there will be no raisins in this coronation chicken burger so you won’t have to pick them out!

That’s not even the best part.

To celebrate the launch of this glorious feast, KFC has teamed up with food delivery service Deliveroo to give fans the chance to win a Coronation Chicken Tower Burger delivered in true regal fashion via the royally appointed Coronation Convoy.

What’s the Coronation Convoy, I hear you ask?

A VIP means of transportation made up of both a sleek black Range Rover, Land Rover and mopeds tailing each end.

I mean, all that’s missing is a gang of royal trumpeters and a golden crown to wear whilst you dine.

That’s not all though.

Winners of this monarch-certified munch will be given the full royal reception.

Your Coronation Chicken Tower Burger will be guarded by a dutiful KFC Chickeneater and will be presented to you upon a pillow of the finest red velvet and teal – a delivery that’s sure to get the neighbours talking.

For non-winners, this Jubilee special costs just £5.49 – but there is a catch.

The Coronation Chicken Tower Burger will be available for one week only across just 11 specially selected UK locations, each picked for their links to her Majesty the Queen.

So if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the royally connected locations of Belfast, Edinburgh, Kingston, Maidenhead, Newton Abbot, Cardiff, Sheffield, South Kensington, Tunbridge Wells, Weoly Castle or Windsor, then what the hell are you waiting for?

Get yourself over to Deliveroo and enter your address before 11:59am on Friday 27th May to be in with the chance of getting your FREE KFC delivered in style.

God save the Queen is all we’re going to say!

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