Kobo Sage Bluetooth eReader is compatible with the Kobo Stylus to allow handwritten notes » Gadget Flow

Take notes effortlessly with the Kobo Sage Bluetooth eReader. Compatible with the Kobo Stylus, you can make handwritten markings in eBooks and PDFs and then convert your writing to text. Best of all, share your creations with Dropbox Support, enabling you to add your own eBooks and documents wirelessly and keep everything safe with cloud storage. Moreover, the Kobo Sage’s display features ComfortLight PRO for brightness and blue light control. You can even adjust the color temperature to stay reading for longer without the display affecting your sleep. In fact, this Bluetooth Reader offers an 8-inch HD touchscreen for deep contrasts with zero glare. So you can read for hours at a time or in direct sunlight without your environment impacting the screen quality. Finally, with Bluetooth compatibility, you can listen to audiobooks whenever it suits you.

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