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Koenigsegg Unveils The All-New Gemera Luggage Collection

Pack up your Koenigsegg suitcase, and take the Gemera on a road trip.

The Koenigsegg brand continues to push the limits of design and performance within the automotive industry, especially with the all-new Gemera. The Koenigsegg Gemera is constructed as a 4-seater hypercar, launching the brand into a new market for the industry. With its new incentive as a daily driver, Koenigsegg teamed up with the luggage professionals at Db to release a dedicated collection for the Gemera. The Koenigsegg x Db Collection features four perfectly shaped cases designed to match and fit perfectly throughout the hypercar. Each suitcase is made using lightweight premium materials to reflect the attention to detail and performance-focused vision behind Koenigsegg. Although availability and pricing are yet to be released, the Koenigsegg x Db Gemera Luggage Collection is sure to be an anticipated release for owners and enthusiasts. Check back in for more information on the all-new Koenigsegg x Db Gemera Luggage Collection. View all current Koenigsegg listings on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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