Kohler Robern IQ Digital Lock Box provides smart, secure storage within a medicine cabinet » Gadget Flow

Safely store medication, important documents, personal items, and more with peace of mind when you have the Kohler Robern IQ Digital Lock Box. Designed to fit into medicine cabinets, it keeps luxury and essential items out of arms’ reach. Moreover, this smart safe features remote access based on your preferences and is easy to use. Using the digital touch keypad or the IQ smartphone app, it’s effortless for owners to access the interior. All the while, it makes it difficult for intruders to enter. Furthermore, the IQ app provides a timely snapshot of recent or long-term activity. And you’ll even receive notifications and alerts to keep you updated of all activity. Finally, it’ll sound an alarm if it detects tampering using its shock and vibration monitor and three-axis tilt sensor.

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