Kylie Jenner Reportedly Pregnant With Baby #2 With Travis Scott

KUWTK’s Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant with her second baby with Travis Scott. The cosmetics mogul has yet to confirm the news herself.

Multiple sources are reporting Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child. The makeup mogul has been vocal in recent years about wanting to expand her family, and her second bundle of joy may be on their way. Kylie shares her 3-year-old daughter Stormi with rapper Travis Scott.

Fans have speculated for weeks if Kylie is expecting again, as the star has been spotted recycling pictures on social media. Kylie’s manicure remained the same for several posts, leading many to believe she was spending more time inside and away from paparazzi cameras. Kylie kept her first pregnancy with Stormi private and only told close friends and family members. The reality star opened up about her closed-off pregnancy experience on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion special. “I shared so much of my life,” Kylie explained to reunion host Andy Cohen. “I was also really young when I got pregnant, and it was just a lot for me personally. I didn’t know how I would bring that to the public too and have everyone’s opinion. I think it was just something that I needed to go through by myself.” Around the time of her Kylie’s low-key 24th birthday get-together in July, fan buzz began to pique about Kylie going into hiding for a second pregnancy. Multiple outlets are claiming the rumors are true.

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A source close to Kylie has confirmed she is expecting her second baby with Travis, according to a report from Page SixThe star has yet to confirm if the pregnancy news is true herself. According to the source, the entire Kar-Jenner family is “thrilled” about the news. The source’s report comes shortly after Caitlyn Jenner made an announcement that she is expecting another grandchild. Fan speculation was immediately drawn to Kylie. However, Caitlyn’s official announcement was about her son Burt Jenner, who is expecting his third child with longtime girlfriend Valerie Patalo.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi

For Kylie, a second pregnancy was always in the cards. The billionaire businesswoman spoke on the possibility of a second baby back in March 2020 with Harper’s Bazaar. “My friends all pressure me about it,” Kylie said in an interview (via Page Six). “They love Stormi. I definitely feel pressure to give her a sibling, but there’s no plan.” Kylie also spoke about her optimism for more babies during a past Instagram Live session with her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou. “I want seven kids down the line,” Kylie said, adding, But not right now. Pregnancy, the KUWTK star said, is just no joke. “It’s a serious thing and it’s hard,” she said. “I’m not ready for that just yet.

The timing may be just right for Kylie to have her long-awaited second child. While the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has yet to confirm the claims that she is pregnant, Kylie has been secretive about her personal life before. Like the first time around, Kylie will be the only one to make an official announcement. Until then, the world will be waiting to hear if Stormi will be getting a sibling.

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Source: Page Six

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