Labrador Systems Caddie & Retriever Assistive Robots carry things for you

It won’t be long before our homes are filled with helpful robots. Labrador Systems is already set to deliver a new pair of useful bots called the Caddie and the Retriever. These two object-carrying robots will surely help make life easier and we’re here to show them to you today. Read on to find out more!

We can’t get enough robots here at Gadget Flow, and who can blame us? These days robots are continuously evolving to prove their worth in our homes and businesses. Many show their effectiveness on a daily basis and we have two new robotic gadgets ready to do precisely that. Meet the Labrador Systems Caddie & Retriever Assistive Robots. They can traverse their assigned environment to help carry and move objects, giving you an extra set of hands when needed. Let’s take a look!

Labrador Systems Caddie & Retriever Assistive Robots carry objects with smart navigation
Caddie and Retriever robots have upper and lower decks

The Caddie and Retriever offer two different sizes to choose from

Right from the jump, you can choose between two different versions of these handy robots. For example, the Caddie is the entry-level version and has a fixed height of 30-inches. It also has a 25 lb payload capacity and is fully self-driving. The top deck is 30-inches while the lower deck is at 17-inches. The Caddie can move and navigate, but can’t collect items on its own nor is it compatible with Labrador’s automatic tray retrieval system.

The Retriever brings the most flexible and efficacious experience. It features self-adjusting height and can retrieve compatible trays and items automatically (it comes with two trays capable of supporting 10 lbs of weight). The upper deck can extend between 25 to 38-inches and the lower deck from 11 to 24-inches. This provides a significant range of adjustments to accommodate various load types.

It’s worth noting that the two devices are only designed to navigate a single, level floor. So, if you’re preferred area of operation contains a lot of slopes or stairs, you might want to take that into consideration.

Official CES 2022 Promo for the Labrador robots

Both robots feature day-long battery life with self-charging and more

The Labrador Systems Caddie & Retriever Assistive Robots both provide a slew of useful features. These features include day-long battery life with 4-hour self-charging. There’s also LED lighting on the lower decks. Both feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that the robots can connect to the dedicated app along with the cloud. This allows them to receive commands and updates.

Other inclusions like additional navigation sensors, a non-slip mat for the upper deck, and storage organizers are also a nice touch. There are even two charging ports so that you can charge smart devices (like a smartphone) if desired.

Labrador Systems Caddie & Retriever Assistive Robots carry objects with smart navigation

Perfect for anyone, especially those who require additional assistance

The Caddie and Retriever are quite innovative and perfect for anyone. There are many different applications that come to mind and creative individuals will surely find all kinds of uses for them. Those with disabilities who can use a little extra assistance will especially appreciate these helpful robots. Plus, with so many different features and capabilities, there’s plenty to work with. In fact, there are even some additional accessories like a removable tablet stand and a compatible beverage-sized refrigerator that further expand its functionality. Well worth checking out if you like practical robots.

You can reserve the Labrador Systems Caddie & Retriever Assistive Robots here with a $250 refundable deposit. The devices are expected to release in 2023.

What do you think of the Labrador Systems Caddie & Retriever Assistive Robots? Let us know in the comments below!

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