La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels use 100% Turkish cotton that doesn’t collect sand » Gadget Flow

Designed for a variety of uses, the La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels use 100% Turkish cotton. Called a peshtemal in Turkish, this large thin towel dries quickly and works well for traveling, going to the spa, going to the beach, and drying off after a bath. Made in Turkey, they don’t collect sand, which ensures you stay sand-free as well. Moreover, because they dry quickly, they are popular at pools and hammams in the Mediterranean. With such a thin construction, they are easy to carry around. However, they use high-quality Turkish cotton that has a great softness, high-absorbency, and long-lasting durability. Use it as a blanket, a throw, a yoga mat, and more, choosing from a wide variety of colors and designs. Finally, they come with a small carry bag that makes them super easy to take anywhere.

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