Lamar Jackson had great response to John Harbaugh fourth-down question

Lamar Jackson had a great response after being asked by John Harbaugh about a key fourth down late on Sunday night.

Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens were leading 36-35 and looked like they might surrender their lead to Kansas City. But the Chiefs lost a fumble, giving the ball back to the Ravens.

Baltimore moved it nine yards and was facing a decision on fourth-and-one. Harbaugh asked Jackson if they should go for it or punt, and the QB didn’t hesitate. The Ravens went for it, and Jackson converted on a quarterback run, clinching the win.

Jackson was asked after the game about the bold call and what he was thinking.

“Man, no matter what: get that first down. Coach asked me, ‘should we go for it?’ I said, ‘hell ya! Just like Seattle two years ago, we had to get it,” Jackson told NBC’s Michele Tafoya.

Jackson was referencing a fourth-and-two play during a tie game in Seattle in 2019. The Ravens went for it, and Jackson scored a touchdown on a running play.

Even if the Ravens did not convert, going for it was the right move. There was no way they could give the ball back to Kansas City with a minute left and only a one-point lead. That would have been asking for heartbreak. Instead, they took control of the situation and put the game in the hands of their MVP. He never hesitated, and they won. You have to love the confidence.

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