Leaders and public figures from across the world flock to attend Queen’s funeral

Heads of state and members of royal families from across the globe began flocking to Westminster Hall on Sunday. They came to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II and view her coffin ahead of her funeral.

As some signed the official condolence book, they were reminded of times they had spent with the late monarch.

US president Joe Biden mentioned a funny anecdote of her continually offering him crumpets when he visited for tea and he kept eating them.

“But she was the same person as her image: decent, honourable and all about service”, he added.

Representing the EU’s institutions in London were Charles Michel, president of the European Council and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the Commission.

French President Emmanuel Macron and the First Lady arrived in a flurry of media attention.

The new monarch, King Charles III, has so far greeted hundreds of leaders at Buckingham palace. Most arrived via bus, with huge coaches seen driving through the Palace gates.

Making a difficult journey to say a final farewell to the Queen was the First Lady of Ukraine, Olenka Zelenska and the Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal.

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