Leah McSweeney’s Most Memorable Opinions & Meltdowns

Fans of The Real Housewives of New York absolutely love Leah McSweeney’s opinion and want a list of her most memorable opinions and meltdowns.

Fans of The Real Housewives of New York love Leah McSweeney’s sassy personality and now want a list of her most memorable opinions and meltdowns from her two-season run. They’ve seen her put the women in her place and love the young energy she brings to the show.McSweeney wasted zero time in making a splash when she was first handed her red delicious apple. The New York native opened up right away about her sex life even though Ramona Singer cringed. The mother of one held her own and didn’t let the OGs intimidate her. While she was often called out for her unabashed honesty about her past, she has stayed true to who she is.

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McSweeney shared with cameras during her freshman season that she loved to be the crazy friend but that she and alcohol had a funny relationship. Since then, she has stopped drinking but not before she had a meltdown or two. Some of her opinions have flustered a few women, but her new tagline says it all she’s “sex-positive and BS negative.” She penned an article for Penthouse called Can We Talk About Toxic Femininity. McSweeney accused Asia Argento and Rose McGowan of using the #MeToo movement for their personal benefit. Leah shared that the two women (Argento and McGowan) had used the death of Anthony Bourdain for the wrong reasons, to gain notoriety and opportunities. Needless to say, not all readers were a fan of her victim-blaming.

McSweeney has also had an outburst or two. One of her most memorable ones was last season when she flipped out on Ramona for not allowing her sister, Leah, to join in on the girl’s trip festivities. Hurricane Leah struck hard and fast after Singer decided to toy with her emotions while drunk. She ranted after some champagne which led her to forget what day it was.

So far, this season, the Married to the Mob founder has been rather tame. She has yet to strip naked and throw tiki lights in the pool. The worst she has done is throw roses at Heather Thomson. But the season is still young, and many feel an epic outburst is just around the corner. McSweeney is wel–rounded and could care less what the other women think of her. Even though she is not drinking, she is sure to bring drama to the series no matter what.

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The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesday at 9pm EST on Bravo.

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