Leaked benchmarks for Intel ARC A380 desktop graphics spotted, on par with NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 Ti laptop GPU

With CES 2022 moments away, Twitter user @momomo_us revealed leaked specifications for the newest Intel Arc A380 desktop GPU. This new GPU is expected to be Intel’s next discrete, entry-level GPU utilizing the Xe-HPG gaming architecture.

Intel Arc A380 discrete graphics card leaked ahead of Intel’s CES 2022 announcements

The post from @momomo_us was only posted a few hours ago, stating the model, as well as the number of FP32 shading units, execution units, boost clock speed, memory allocation, and L2 cache.

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The Twitter user discovered this new information from benchmark tests on the SiSoftware’s Sandra benchmarking software. It is now confirmed that the Intel A380 discrete gaming GPU will offer new leaks from SiSoftware appear to confirm that this desktop part will feature 1024 FP32 shading units or 128 Execution Units. Website VideoCardz further confirms that with this new leak there will also be a weaker Arc Alchemist GPU, the A350, that will showcase a lesser DG2-128EU discrete graphics card, offering 96EUs.

Through the various benchmark tests using SiSoftware’s tools, it proved that the Intel Arc A380 is more of what could be considered a more entry-level discrete GPU, and could have the potential to reach as high as mid-range performance levels. The leak also shows that the tests were run recently, processed only a few days ago, and it is unknown when the drivers were originally created.

From the screenshot below, we can see the Intel Arc A380 receives an average score of 2869.72 Mpix/s in General Purpose (GP) GPU processing test. This lands Intel’s new graphics card between NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 Ti and the RTX 3050 Laptop graphics processors when talking about performance.

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The unknown Intel Arc A3XX series is speculated to utilize the same architecture as the DG2-128EU graphics card. VideoCardz states that this might suggest that Intel will use parts based on a more premium 512EU GPU and that the cards will possibly adopt either the A5XX or A7XX moniker.

Intel Xe-HPG Based Discrete Alchemist GPU Configurations:

GPU Variant Graphics Card Variant GPU Die Execution Units Shading Units (Cores) Memory Capacity Memory Speed Memory Bus TGP
Xe-HPG 512EU ARC A780? Alchemist-512EU 512 EUs 4096 Up To 32/16 GB GDDR6 18 / 16 / 14 Gbps 256-bit ~225W (Desktops)
120-150W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 384EU ARC A750? Alchemist-512EU 384 EUs 3072 Up To 12 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 192-bit 150-200W (Desktops)
80-120W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 256EU ARC A580? Alchemist-512EU 256 EUs 2048 Up To 8 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 128-bit 60-80W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 128EU ARC A380? Alchemist-128EU 128 EUs 1024 Up To 6 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 96-bit ~75W (Desktops)
Xe-HPG 128EU ARC A350? Alchemist-128EU 128 EUs 1024 Up To 4 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 64-bit 35-50W (Laptops)
Xe-HPG 96EU ARC A330? Alchemist-128EU 86 EUs 768 Up To 4 GB GDDR6 16 / 14 Gbps 64-bit ~35W (Laptops)

Intel, along with many other companies, will be making announcements throughout the week. Intel is set to have their press conference later today, where we will hear more about the newest Intel Arch GPU lines.

Sources: SiSoftware via @momomo_us, VideoCardz

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