LEGO Titanic measures 53 inches in length & splits into 3 sections with a detailed interior » Gadget Flow

Recreate authentic details of the infamous Titanic with the LEGO Titanic. Measuring 53 inches in length, it’s one of the brand’s largest models to date. Moreover, the LEGO Titanic splits into 3 sections to provide you with a detailed interior. In particular, you can assemble and admire the cabins, grand staircase, dining room, smoking lounge, swimming pool, and reading lounge. It even includes authentic details including over 300 portholes, the iconic bridge, benches, cargo crane, lifeboats, and more. Most impressively, explore the realistic features of a working ship such as setting the piston engines to turn inside. Or raise and lower the anchor. Finally, with over 9,000 pieces, it provides hours of fun for people aged over 18. And, with buildings bricks manufactured from high-quality materials, the pieces connect and pull apart easily every time.

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