Lenovo Smart Clock 2 works with Google and organizes your day with reminders and alarms » Gadget Flow

Add a smart helper to your nightstand with the Lenovo Smart Clock 2. All you have to do is ask Google to set reminders, check the weather, hear news briefings, and more. What’s more, since you can toggle the mute button and the clock doesn’t have a camera, your bedroom stays private. Furthermore, the loud, crisp speakers deliver room-filling sound, so you can use this gadget as a speaker throughout the day. Additionally, the 4-inch touch screen displays the weather, time, and even your family photos. This gadget even helps you rest more easily since the “goodnight” command turns off lights, locks doors, and plays white noise. Moreover, a wireless charging dock is available on some models, letting you charge the unit while you sleep. Finally, the soft fabric exterior and minimal footprint make this clock an ideal bedtime gadget.

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