Leonard’s 10 Most Awesomely Nerdy Scenes

Nerds often have a rough reputation in society based on old stereotypes and inaccurate interpretations of those who obsessively enjoy things like books, movies, and pop culture. The Big Bang Theory has gotten positive and negative feedback pertaining to its depiction of nerd culture, but if there’s one thing the showrunners got right, it was how endlessly happy these characters were when it came to their comics, video games, and scientific findings.

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Leonard in particular became incredibly excited when it came to his hobbies, and what made his hobbies even more enjoyable was that he got to do them with his best friends. Although Sheldon bothered Leonard as a roommate, he couldn’t deny the excitement revolving around their favorite nerdy activities.

10 When He Received The Ultimate Time Machine

Leonard on his time machine in TBBT

In season 1’s “The Nerdvana Annihilation,” Leonard and co. were excited about the arrival of the time machine from the movie, The Time Machine. Leonard was so excited about the time machine but didn’t realize it was full-size. It was no wonder it didn’t get too many bids on eBay. And although Penny loathed the time machine and made Leonard feel small for collecting things that didn’t make sense to her as an adult, Leonard loved playing on his full-size time machine and didn’t want to get rid of his beloved items just because of a girl.

9 When He Was Pumped For His Doll From Penny

Sheldon and Leonard are excited to get collectibles on TBBT

In “The Transporter Malfunction,” Penny wanted to do something sweet for Sheldon and Leonard after gaining some extra cash. To show them her appreciation, she bought them transporter collectibles from the Star Trek series.

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The friends and roommates were so excited about their new collectible that Sheldon actually broke his. Nevertheless, the looks on their faces when they found out they had a transporter toy in mint condition was priceless.

8 When He Was Excited For Comic-Con

Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Leonard buy Comic-Con tickets on TBBT

When it comes to Comic-Con, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard don’t waste time. They’ve talked about Comic-Con since season 1 and go every year, excitedly sitting on their laptops and awaiting for the moment that Comic-Con tickets go on sale. Watching the four men refresh their computers to snag tickets was incredibly relatable for Comic-Con aficionados.

7 When He Dressed Up As A Star Trek Character

The Big Bang Theory Guys Star Trek Costumes

In “The Bakersfield Expedition,” the guys were excited to attend Bakersfield Comic-Con. As usual, everyone dressed as their favorite Star Trek character and hit the road for a fun day surrounded by fellow “nerdy” fans. Unfortunately for them, they had car trouble and were left stranded.

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To make things worse, a villain stole their car and they had to walk in full Star Trek gear to the nearest diner for water and a phone. As hard of a day as they had, the four of them sure did have an exciting freakout while taking pictures of their costumes in the desert.

6 When He Showed Up To Skywalker Ranch

In “The Skywalker Incursion,” Leonard and Sheldon are on their way to the University of California, Berkley for a lecture series, but with time to spare, they decided to make a pitstop at Skywalker Ranch. As huge Star Wars fans, Sheldon and Leonard wanted to look at the front gate of the estate, but they were able to get through the gate when there was an error with the security intercom.

The duo couldn’t believe their luck, and they were so excited by the possibility of seeing Geoge Lucas or one of the areas where they worked on the iconic Star Wars. Unfortunately, their pitstop hit a wall when Sheldon escaped the car and ran past security, but it was adorable to watch until then.

5 When He Was Excited About Sleeping With Penny For The First Time

Leonard and Penny in bed together on TBBT

When Beverly Hofstadter made a visit to Leonard and met Penny for the first time, she unintentionally made Penny emotional by the questions she was asking. Likewise, Leonard also became emotional and frustrated the longer he was in his mother’s presence.

Leonard went to Penny’s apartment where the two took shots and got a little frisky. But when the two were in bed about to do the deed, Leonard wouldn’t stop talking and couldn’t believe he was in bed with Penny. He went on and on about being with someone as perfect as she. It was sweet how excited Leonard was about being with Penny, but he shot himself in the foot when he began talking about their parents in bed.

4 When He Got A Lightsaber

Leonard kissing Penny with his lightsabre as a nightlight on TBBT

Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment was full of nerdy memorabilia that aligned with their favorite comics, movies, and games. It was a paradise for the group because it was where Raj and Howard found themselves after work or on boys’ nights. It was a place of peace for the foursome.

Adding to the memorabilia, there were a few occasions where the men were seen with their own lightsabers. In one scene, Leonard feared someone was trying to break into his apartment, so he brought his Star Wars green lightsaber for backup.

3 When He Dressed Up For Halloween

The Big Bang Theory characters dressed up for Halloween

Some may view dressing up as one’s favorite fictional character as nerdy, but Leonard didn’t care. For Penny’s first Halloween party in her apartment, she invited Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj over to celebrate. Leonard dressed as Frodo from The Lord of the Rings series. In later seasons, Leonard also dressed as The Flash and Green Lantern. Dressing up as a beloved character doesn’t need to be reserved for kids, and Leonard’s adorable devotion to the cause proves it.

2 When The Guys Got Him A Special Van For His Bachelor Party

The men of The Big Bang Theory get together for Leonard's bachelor time

In “The Bachelor Party Corrosion,” Howard and Raj planned a bachelor party for Leonard. They rented a van and planned on hitting the road for a weekend in Mexico. Sheldon complained about the van the entire way until the guys explained why they rented that particular van: it once belonged to a famed physicist, Richard Feynman. Everyone became excited at the thought of riding in a van that once belonged to a personal hero of theirs. And while their trip didn’t go as planned (a flat tire ruined their trip), the excitement of science was precious.

1 When The Guys Got Star Wars Tickets

Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory when the guys go to see Star Wars

In “The Opening Night Excitation,” the episode opens with Leonard finding out that Star Wars tickets were going on presale. All four men hopped on their electronics to try and get tickets but the website was frozen. Sheldon dropped down on his knees and began praying when Howard excitedly told everyone that he was able to secure tickets. With Sheldon spending the night with Amy, Leonard went to the movies with Howard and Raj dressed up in their favorite Star Wars t-shirts.

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