LG’s smart oven and microwave for 2022 will feature ThinQ recip

(Pocket-lint) – With its new 2022 models of cooking appliances, LG is hoping to make your time in the kitchen even easier. The LG InstaView Double Oven Range and Over-the-Range Microwave Oven are set to feature not only advanced cooking technologies but also useful integration with the LG ThinQ Recipe service. 

That service is set to offer a complete and convenient user experience that makes it easier to find recipes, plan your meals and cook with ease too. This includes access to over 10,000 one-click shoppable recipes where you can find a recipe and purchase the ingredients directly in the accompanying app via Walmart or Amazon Fresh. 

The cooking devices themselves also offer plenty of interesting tech. The Double Oven Range, for example, features the company’s InstaView tech which means you can see what’s going on inside the oven with a double-tap on the glass. The internal lights will then come on and give you a view of your cooking food without the need to open the door and let the heat escape. 

The 2022 oven also has ProBake Convection technology that uses intelligent and precise temperature and airflow control to cook food thoroughly and quickly. Add to that the Air Fry and Air Sous Vide modes which offer the ability to fry food without the need for excessive amounts of oil and create tender and juicy dishes with ease. 

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Meanwhile, the LG Over-the-Range Microwave Oven has Steam Cook technology designed to help cook juicier and healthier food. As well as a vent system that promises to reduce lingering odours in the kitchen.  

More is expected to be shown off about these models at LG’s virtual CES exhibit on 5 January. 

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