LIAN LI Showcases New & Revised Cases As Well As An Infinity Mirror Fan In Its 2021 DIGITAL EXPO 2.0

LIAN LI held its 2021 DIGITAL EXPO 2.0 event today where it showcased 2 prototypes and updates on 5 upcoming products. The two prototypes are the UNI FAN SL120 INFINITY and the LANCOOL III. The five upcoming products are the Q58, O11 AIR MINI, A4-H2O, O11D EVO, and V3000+.

LIAN LI Unveils The UNI FAN SL120 INFINITY With Infinity Mirrors & The LANCOOL III Case With Hinged Glass Panels

The first prototype LIAN LI showcased was the UNI FAN SL120 INFINITY which is interlocking and daisy-chainable fans. The UNI Fans were showcased during CES 2020. These fans were designed with a frame similar to the SL120 fans, but the INFINITY features infinity mirrors in each corner of the fan. The RGB lighting is still present with lighting on the edge of the fan and on the LIAN LI logo.

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The second prototype showcased was the LIAN LI LANCOOL III. The new case features hinged glass side panels and shroud panels that extended around the front of the case. The top and bottom of the case feature a mesh design to allow for better airflow and the IO can be moved between the top and bottom of the front panel. The case has opted for a more modular design and can support motherboards from Mini-ITX to EATX, graphics cards up to 397mm, power supplies under 200mm, tower CPU coolers up to 176mm tall, up to 10x 120mm fans or 4x 140 and 1x120mm fan, and up to 6x 2.5” hard drives or 4x 3.5” and 2x 2.5″.

The O11 Lineup Is Updated With The AIR MINI & The EVO Cases Which Feature Plenty Of Mesh For Great Cooling

The first product we received updates for is the LIAN LI Q58. It is a small form factor that offers a modular design with flexible radiator mounting and excellent cooling performance. The case has had some updates to allow both SFX and ATX power supplies without reconfiguring the internals as well as up to a 3 slot card in either configuration. The side panels are interchangeable between mesh and glass panels.


The LIAN LI A4-H20 is another small form factor case made in collaboration with DAN Case. The case features a sharper and cleaner all-aluminum design with the front panel IO moved to the left side of the case. The revised design allows for a single SSD mounted at the bottom of the case, triple-slot GPUs up to 321mm in length, and a 240mm AIO.


The LIAN LI O11D EVO features a fully reversible design and revisions have been made to add extra modularity. New features include a new latch to release the toolless radiator bracket beside the motherboard, a revised cable management bar for support of 2 SSDs, and stronger clips to hold the top and bottom radiator/fan mounting brackets. The management bar can also be transformed into a tray design for larger SSDs and HDDs. The IO on this case can also be moved.

The LIAN LI O11 AIR MINI is a compact case that features plenty of mesh panels to allow for greater airflow. It comes equipped with a fully meshed front panel, and a meshed top and right-side panel. The footprint of the case is 400mm in depth and 288mm in width which allows support for ATX power supplies, motherboards from Mini-ITX to E-ATX, and storage up to 6x 2.5” drives or 4x 3.5” plus 2x 2.5” drives.


LIAN LI V3000+

The final case is the LIAN LI V3000+ which features a larger design compared to the rest. It has dual system support, multiple motherboard orientations, up to 20 hard drives, and a wide array of radiator and fan configurations. The front and top panels are removable to allow for better airflow through the mesh. In the revision, the 10 HDD bays are now split into 5 separately removable bays with an extra 2 drive bays on the shroud area to allow for even more storage.

The overall theme of the products showcased in the LIAN LI 2021 DIGITAL EXPO 2.0 was modularity with new and revised products. LIAN LI has uploaded the 2021 DIGITAL EXPO 2.0 to YouTube.

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